Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Decades. 1950s

1950s. Nylon Stockings.

Balenciaga coat. 1953. I'm going to make it my lifes mission to find this coat. This would be one ultimate vintage find! More info below on the full page.

Top left caption, "Will the ladies obey Monsieur Dior?" Top right, News article about Dior making short skirts for women and the high price you pay for them! His quote: "Aren't people crazy to spend so much on a dress?" Dior gowns in the 50's were selling for $300-$2400, which I'm sure is a deal today am I right? Bottom right, Mattli "petunia" evening dress. 1953. I love the shoulders on this one!

Christian Dior's corset wasp-waist look of 1950. This is another great jacket, I love the emerald green color and the shape. This would be another great vintage find!

Brigitte Bardot, French movie star. 1950s. I really like the look she had, even here in this picture its very inspiration.

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