Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I only work in extremely hot and unsatisfying places.

I did a small photo shoot at the beginning of my summer vacation.

Wearing a feather necklace I made in the bottom right corner!

 Sweet Cape

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jewelry Book & Sketches Part 3

YES! Finally, I found out how to use my scanner! Here is the first-ever Dragon Queen post...on paper. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jewelry Book Pictures & Sketches (Part 2)

 Remember this necklace?

Well, I finished one of the necklaces I was working on that was inspired by this one above. This falcon necklace was definitely one of my favorites and inspired me to create a whole lot of different types of falcon necklaces. So far, I've finished one.
So I designed it to be pretty flexible, and it kind of looks like snake skin. Which is what I was going for!

and here is another one I found online. Very beautiful!

Earrings of diamonds, emeralds, and pearls, from the album of jewelry drawings by Arnold Lulls. 1610

Above and below is a sketch from the jewelry book. (Above) The colors were so amazing, this picture really doesn't do the earrings justice.

"The pieces drew their inspiration from a diversity of historical sources, but it was the 18th century, with its garlands and bows, carved hardstones and coloured golds that was the most constant."

Another sketch. These sketches are SO old by the way. Its such a cool thing to see how people designed jewelry back in the 18th century.

Remember THIS? Its a bodice ornament.
and below is what it inspired me to create...

This consists of some cracked white marble-like material, red stones, gold dangly charms at the bottom, and gold designs all over the necklace, with some blue trim on the edge.

This necklace is more like what is being made today. It has a ribbon to tie around the neck, and black spikes dangling on the very bottom of the necklace. It was inspired by this hair piece I saw in my jewelry book.

still more to come!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marc Jacobs

I've always really liked Marc Jacob's work. His ad's are always amazing!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Jewelry Book Pictures & Sketches (Part 1)

I've been working on this post for a week or so now, and only Part 1 is done. So, read on!
Last week my books came in, and since then I've been doing nothing but sketching. Buying these books for some extra inspiration definitely did help!
Below are some pictures of some amazing pieces. Most of this stuff is pretty old. Like 1500-1900's old. The stuff from the 1500-1800's is really the most exciting though and is very similar to what i've been designing! You know how designers these days are bringing back styles from all kinds of eras, well, I have yet to see anyone do anything from the 1500+'s, or even AD (After-death) and BC (before christ)! It would be great to design modern jewelry for today, but it actually looks like its ancient jewelry.

The Gleninsheen Gorget, 700 BC.

I love the ribbed collar, along with the circular bosses, and theres a spike right in the middle of the circles, ANOTHER thing im into, spikes on necklaces! I could see people today wearing it, although its obviously not very practical, well, nothing im interested in is ever practical so nevermind!

Tor Abbey Jewel, Mid 16th Century pendant.

This is an english pendant meant as a reminder of man's mortality. But really, I just think its cool that they have a little skeleton in a coffin. Thats totally something I could work with.

Lunula from Co. Kerry, anywhere from 1800 to 1500 BC.

Reminds me of something from Egypt but I know its not from there. More like the Bronze Age somewhere in Ireland.

and here's another form of the Lunula that I found...

(Middle piece) Heracles knot from a diadem, 2nd century BC. Originated in Egypt.

I had to take this picture myself so its a little crappy, a lot crappy. But it really caught my eye, so I drew it as if it was in actual necklace form.
On the squares theres all types of small designs, then theres the knot (which was surprisingly confusing to draw, actually!) , and in the middle of that knot theres a dark colored red stone (I don't know if its really a stone, Im just guessing)

Also, check out the bottom necklace with the crescent-shape pendant, 2nd century BC. Originated in Asia.

1850-1775 BC

This one I have drawn so many different versions of but im no where near done with any of them yet! This necklace dates from the end of the Twelfth Dynasty and was apparently found in some tomb of a lady called Senebtisi, so im guessing theres not a lot of them out there. How sad! This necklace is gorgeous.

The Tara Brooch, AD 700

I first saw this necklace when I was reading this art magazine, and I was so excited to see it in the book! It inspired me to draw this necklace, one of my first sets of designs! This design is a couple months old and I can't believe I'm seeing it again!

Theres a gold plate with some designs on it, then some "elephant tusks" with some sort of red stone or crystal. Rubies would be ideal for this necklace.

All for now! I'll post Part 2 as soon as I can!