Friday, May 27, 2011

Adventure Time!

I've been watching this show on Cartoon Network lately, called Adventure Time. A trippy cartoon about a 12-year-old boy named Finn and his dog Jake, and they go on all these crazy adventures and fight all kinds of crazy creatures in different lands. They have a kingdom in the show, where literally everything is candy. Jake the dog is dating a rainbow unicorn named Lady Ranicorn, who only speaks Korean unless she has her universal translator on, too bad the settings on it make her sound like a nerdy alien, an old man, or a nightmare (devil voice, i guess).

I would have to say the kids cartoon makers on some of the shows on CN are clearly dropping acid, but hey they're also giving me great ideas and they're a great source of inspiration so I'm not complaining! I have the feeling that lots of TV shows for kids are inspired by psychedelia. I'll make sure to talk about more later on!

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  1. I think children should write their own show's. When adults do such--the psychopathology is evident.