Friday, July 2, 2010

Rodarte Spring 2010

Yes I know Spring 2010 has already come and gone but I haven't talked about Rodartes Spring 2010 Fashion show! Have you seen it? I think its ok to blog about it way after its already happened.
I love everything about Rodarte Spring 2010. Literally. These models look gorgeous, every outfit was perfect and each one seemed unique and original. You know if I had the entire spring 2010 collection I would never wear anything else! That would just be what I wore all the time, like those cartoon characters that never change outfits, they always wear the same thing. That's what I would be like in these clothes.

and now the shoes...

Please, just take a loooong look at the details of this shoe. It goes back to my reason on why I love shoes so much. There like little minitature works of art for your feet, and fun to collect. I love the spikes on the back of the heel. Thats probably my favorite part. I've incorporated spikes into a lot of what I design, but i'll show that in a different post!


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